Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dr. Margaret Can Help Save Your Relationship-Will You Let Her?

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Navigating the dating world can be debilitating, exhausting, and sometimes downright depressing. With the addition of technology, online dating, and a shift in our culture, dating and relationships have sprouted new problems in communication and connections. These problems are present, especially if you feel like you’ve found “the one,” but it still isn’t working out. It’s easy to feel a disconnect when first connecting with someone.
It’s even possible to feel that same disconnect with a partner you’ve had for  months, years, even decades. The chips aren’t stacking up, the relationship is starting to sink, but it’s not time to let go or give up.
This is where Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops comes in. With decades of experience, she can help you reorient your relationship with your partner. Just supply Dr. Margaret with the name and age of your partner and she can help you on understand the communication barricades preventing you from advancing or healing your relationship.
Your own self-perception can be holding you back from a healthy and strong connection with another person. Identifying problems in yourself is part of the solution to a healthy relationship, as the old adage goes: you cannot love someone without firsting loving yourself. Let Dr. Margaret help bring you to your best self and bring your best self to your relationship.
Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops
Sumaris Education Center & Clinic
928-733-3525 to schedule a session.

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