Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Develop Your Creative Talents with Dr. Margaret

It’s difficult to see people all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even around town in your own life creating amazing things and inventing beautiful projects, especially when you feel like you’re not contributing to the world’s repertoire of art, technology, and innovative projects.  
But we all can’t be a Michelangelo of our time, and that’s okay. Just understand that we are all special in our own way and it can take time to find our specialty. It could even just be something simple such as the ability to tune into other’s moods and ease their negative emotions or knitting the perfect gifts for family and friends.
If you need help discovering your creative and special talents, schedule a session with Dr. Margaret. She can use her special talents to help you find yours.
Even after finding your creative talent, remember that the only way to Carnegie Hall is with practice. Don’t give up on yourself if the first few attempts to create something special doesn’t result in what you had pictured in your mind’s eye. Practice makes perfect, and once you start exploring your personal creative outlet, you will find peace amongst the stress of life and begin walking on the creative path that has always eluded you.
Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops
Sumaris Education Center & Clinic

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